THE SILK in Tango Kyoto Japan

Here is a (partial) list of textile, fabric, and product makers in the Tango region.
We love new challenges and possibilities and will respond to your requests with sincerity.
We will be your companions in the journey to creating your textiles.

Isshiki Textile Co., Ltd.

Tango Chirimen - white textile kimono accessories, Japanese arts and crafts, interior decorations, etc.

Itori Co., Ltd.

Kimono accessories, textiles

Usui Orimono Co., Ltd.

Tango Chirimen made from synthetic thread

Ebara Sangyo Co., Ltd.

White textiles/thread-dyed fabrics (small/wide fabrics)

Oe Co., Ltd.

Wide silk clothing/products (samue, pajamas, masks, etc.)

Orimoto Kanejyu

White textiles - plain weave, twill weave, donsu (damask), pattern design, sha (silk gauze), Nuitori (Embroidered), etc.

KUSKA Co., Ltd.

Hand-woven Neckties

Komehana Orimono

Mon Rinzu Nagajuban/Mon Tsumugi

Shibata Orimono

Kimono textiles - white textiles (haori/kimono length), thread-dyed cloth (haori/kimono length), white textile juban (kimono undershirt), white textile obi

Creative Workshop ITOASOBI

Silk/composite material, thread-dyed clothing/mufflers/stoles/etc.

Takami Textile Industry

White fabrics for kimono accessories, furoshiki (wrapping cloth)

Takamoto Silk Ltd.

anufactures silk clothing, stoles, mufflers, and other miscellaneous goods

Tamiya Raden Ltd.

Kimono obi, arts and crafts fabrics for fashion/interior

Tayuh Textile Industry Co., Ltd.

Muji/Plain Chirimen, mon orimono (figured fabric), obi, nagajuban (kimono undergarments), etc., wide textiles for western clothing

Orimoto Tanryo Co., Ltd.

Polyester Chirimen, Rayon Chirimen, fusuma (sliding screen) fabrics

Marukyo Co., Ltd.

Mon Chirimen, Eba Chirimen, Nuitori Chirimen, obi-age

Marusen Co., Ltd.

Wide silk Chirimen white textiles, body towels, beddings


Wide fabrics for clothing/interiors, etc.

Yasuda Textile Co., Ltd.

Leno weave silk - for interior/kimono/western clothing

Yamato Co., Ltd.

Tango Chirimen white textiles


Obi cloths, interior textiles, apparel textiles, gifts

Yuri Textile Industry

Wide thread-dyed fabrics (mainly manufactures necktie cloth)

Yoshimura Shouten Co., Ltd.

Small pure silk Chirimen textiles

Watamasa Co., Ltd.

Tango Chirimen (standard-length kimono/haori, furisode, obi, juban, obi-age, eri/collar), Tango weaves (thread-dyed standard-length kimono, thread-dyed obi)