THE SILK in Tango Kyoto Japan

Tango Silk - a texture refined for over 1300 years

Tango Silk has unparalleled suppleness and can be expressed into a plethora of textures.

The Tango Textile Industrial Association researches, processes, and develops textiles in collaboration with three major drug manufacturers and testing/research institutes.

Fulfilling your every needSilk Makers in Tango,Japan

We will fulfill your requirements as your companions in the journey to creating your textiles. We love new challenges and possibilities and will respond to your requests with sincerity.

about tango silk

Tango Silk, honed for over 1300 years
Our Textiles and Techniques

We have honed our techniques for over 1300 years, aiming to weave expression and emotion into our textiles. We deliver a variety of textures worldwide through our supple fabrics born from our original techniques and the soft waters of the Tango region in Kyoto, Japan.

Tango Chirimen Fabric

Traditional Fabric

Tango Chirimen - a traditional yet three-dimensional textile

A textile featuring crimps called “shibo” on its surface made through refining and using hard-twisted thread for its weft. The name Tango Chirimen guarantees quality and is not given unless the product passes rigorous inspections.

Kinumoyou - skincare cosmetics filled with silk sericin

Beauty & Healthcare

Kinumoyou - skincare cosmetics filled with silk sericin

Experience the grace of silk with the Kinumoyou cosmetics/skincare series. Made from silk sericin extracted using only water, Kinumoyou brings out the natural beauty of your eyebrows. It's also very safe.