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Tango Creation Platform Exhibition in Marais, Paris 2/16-20

2019年よりスタートした「TANGO CREATION PLATFORM」は、丹後が持つ様々な魅力を外に開くことで新たな地域の可能性を模索するプロジェクト。今年度は、2020年に300年を迎える「丹後ちりめん」とパリで活躍する4名のアーティストが滞在と交流を通じ、新たな領域の丹後ちりめんを模索します。丹後の伝統、文化、風土から様々なインスピレーションを受けることで、日本とフランスの感性が混じり合い、新たな「丹後ちりめん」の可能性をプロダクトおよび作品として発表します。


– 住所 : Galerie éphémère 132 rue de Turenne Paris 75003)
– 会期 : 2月16日から2月20日  11:00-17:00


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Tango Creation Platform Exhibition in Marais, Paris / 2021 FEB 16-20

Tango Creation Platform was founded in 2019 as a project exploring new possibilities with established strengths in the Tango area.This year the project attempts to find new ventures for Tango Chirimen by bringing together four artists from Paris for a residence and the local industry which has been making silk crêpe for over 300 years. We’re pleased to announce a series of products inspired by Tango’s traditions, culture and natural features, blending the sensitivities of Japan and International designers together to explore new ideas for Tango Chirimen.

This Fashion collection and accessories will be exhibited in Marais, Paris from Feb 16th to Feb 20th and will feature works of Takashi Nakao, Mathilde Roseanne Brégeon, Aurore Thibout and Suhye Kim who have been collaborated with the unique savoir-faire and skills of Tango craftsman.


– Galerie éphémère(132 rue de Turenne Paris 75003)
– Feb. 16-20 11:00-17:00

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