THE SILK in Tango Kyoto Japan

The Tango Textile Industrial Association researches, processes, and develops textiles in collaboration
with three major drug manufacturers and testing/research institutes.


AntibacterialSN Antibacterial Processing

To Our Partners: 2.1Mv Antibacterial Activity Value (After 10 Washes) (At least 99% reduction rate for Type A Influenza) 

Anti-abrasion/TextileHyper Guard Processing

Maintain your silk's texture even after vigorous rubbing/washing.

Anti-abrasionNon-Fill Processing

Prevent your silk from fluffing by applying abrasion-resistance at the thread stage

Avian Influenza InactivationCleanty Processing

Avian Influenza Inactivation

Staphylococcus Aureus, etc.SN Antibacterial/Deodorant Processing

Moisturize your textile while suppressing bacteria

Water-RepellentWater-Repellent Processing

Powerful water repellency and stain prevention capable of repelling water even with mesh/translucent textiles