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Moisturize your textile while suppressing bacteria

 SN Antibacterial/Deodorant Processing will give your textile a moist feel and protect it from bacteria. It will give silk excellent moisturizing, antibacterial, and deodorant effects. This process can be applied to silk/polyester/cotton/rayon materials and is generally intended for mask textiles.


Suppresses bacteria growth and cause of odor

 Adds a skin-friendly finishing agent with antibacterial properties to the fibers. This results in deodorizing effects since it suppresses bacterial growth (including Staphylococcus aureus) on the fiber.
 It also suppresses the bacteria that cause foul odors, leading to a deodorizing effect.  Effective on natural fibers like silk and cotton, as well as blended fibers such as synthetic fibers and mixed woven articles, giving them a smooth and level texture. This processing technology is often used for mask textiles since silk has superior moisturizing, antibacterial, and deodorant effects.

Staphylococcus Aureus Antibacterial Evaluation Test

Bacteriostatic activity value refers to the numerical value indicating how much bacterial growth can be suppressed, with a higher value meaning a higher effect. Our SN Antibacterial/Deodorant Processing’s antibacterial value was determined to score 2.0 or higher (described in JIS L 1902).

Evaluated ClothAntibacterial Properties
Bacteriostatic Activity ValueAntibacterial Effect
Polyester Chirimen5.8 or higherEffective
Cotton (gauze)5.7 or higherEffective
Cotton textiles5.9 or higherEffective
*SN = an abbreviation for Safety Next based on the idea of passing safety to the next generation, era, and so on.


Processing TechnologySN Antibacterial/Deodorant Processing
Supported MaterialSilk, polyester, cotton, rayon
ApplicationMasks, cloths, etc.
Supported Width16〜160cm
Minimum Lot10m
Estimated Deliveryapprox. 10 days


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