THE SILK in Tango Kyoto Japan

Tango Textile Industrial Association

Tango has a long history and tradition as a silk production site. In the Nara period, we weaved Ashiginu, Kosode in the Muromachi period, and finally invented Chirimen in the Edo period, along with its distinct crimps. And then the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa periods passed, and here we are. We now stand in our immutable position as the comprehensive center for weaving and dyeing, producing countless fabrics, from kimono to clothing. Our refining, dyeing, and arrangement are the results of the craftsmanship and experience we cultivated over these many years as a silk production site. At the processing plant that we directly operate, we continue to contribute to the clothing culture using our processing technology capable of fulfilling the market’s needs.

Association Overview

Name Tango Textile Industrial Association
Address 3188 Koube, Omiya-cho, Kyotango-shi, Kyoto 629-2502
Phone Phone +81772-68-5211 | Fax +81772-68-5300
Representative Hideyuki Imai, Chairman
Date Established April 1963 (Founded in September 1918)
Members 652 (As of the end of February 2021)
District Miyazu-shi,Yosa-gun,Kyotango-shi,Ayabe-shi,Fukuchiyama-shi,Maizuru-shi


Headquarters Omiya-cho, Kyotango-shi
Processing Plant Omiya-cho, Kyotango-shi
Processing Founded as the Tango Chirimen Industry Association in 1918
Reorganized as the Tango Textile Industry Cooperative in 1945
Reorganized as the Tango Textile Industry Association in 1963